The Tall Lighthouse

Dikra Ridha

Dikra Ridha is an Iraqi-British poet who completed an MA at Bath Spa University, from which emerged this selection of poems. She lives in the south west of England where she works as a freelance translator.There are no Americans in Baghdad's Bird Market is Dikra's debut pamphlet. Exiled and driven by her perception  of the distance from her relatives  in Baghdad, Dikra writes between cultures and languages in an attempt to capture their voices and transform them into words. A number of these poems have appeared in publications across the UK and Australia.


It is her wealth of tragic imagination that enables Dikra to evoke the murderous war-zones of Iraq with such intensity. This is a brilliant debut. Among the multitudinous neophytes she is the one to watch.

                                                         Tim Liardet

ckie Wills

There are no Americans in Baghdad's Bird Market

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When the war against us began

I was building a tower of cards

in the garden,

each card had drawings;

me on your land; us embracing.


Jiddu, the top card         

was of my uncles, aunties and cousins,

sitting in a closed circle, which opened up

with laughter like petals. I turned


to catch the kiss you blew.

Did you know I would grow up to forget

your songs, beyond two oceans

where the sun is pale and the wind froze

when I spoke of you in Baghdad?


Clouds fell on the pictures I drew,

they ran in dirty water. Streaks

of yellows and greens took

a last glance at the sky.