The Tall Lighthouse

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Jocelyn Page

Replete with imagery that lingers in the memory Jocelyn Page’s

poetry crosses the Atlantic with consummate ease. Her poems capture

the emotion of people and place in a complex yet deceptively accessible

style. smithereens is a welcome debut from a fresh new voice on the

poetry scene.

Jocelyn hails from Connecticut. Currently living in London

her work has appeared in Smiths Knoll, The Interpreter’s House

and city lighthouse anthology. Her poetry has also been highly

commended by The New Writer Prose & Poetry Magazine.


Jocelyn Page accomplishes a living language

–  these unflinching tidings contain a mardi gras parade of voices. 

                                                                                     Jen Hadfield      


Full of imaginative and linguistic verve, and formally adventurous, 

Jocelyn Page's poetry enacts astonishing ways of being in the world. 

This is an outstanding debut.

                                                                                    Moniza Alvi


£5 inc p&p (UK)


$8 plus $1.50 p&p (US)

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ISBN 978 1 904551 81 2





The rain is you

                  but not as it wefts

and threads

                  its way, connecting


                  hanging curtains

of invitation

                  to shoulder through


you are the rain

                  when it dampens the soil

making soft

                  dusty craters

mushroom clouds

                  and finally when it sinks

in, carbuncle

                  all London brown


the broken heart

                  comes in a puddle

collecting something

                  that shows the sky



evaporating proof

                  hopeless and rising