The Tall Lighthouse
Baden Prince

Baden Prince Baden is a writer, performer and poetry entrepreneur who creates a big presence both on stage and on the page. He is the organiser of east London's regular spoken word event SPEAKEASY. His poems are honest, sensual, astute; containing an emotional awareness of our world and those who inhabit it.

Baden also acts as host/mc for a number of tall-lighthouse poetry events and is tall-lighthouse education consultant for education & workshop programmes.

The Shadow Dancer



Walking on Sunshine from The Shadow Dancer


walking on sunshine


along velvet pathways

following siren song                  

                  your voice

drifting in shadows

lost in shimmering glow

light falling on water                  

                  your smile

sailing on moonbeams

liquid amber


perfect circles                  

                   your eyes

gliding through rainbows

rhythmic flow

pulsing within                  

                   your heartbeat

standing on shores

of once-distant lands

fertile with promise

breathless expectancy                  

                    you are mine     

                                        I am


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