The Tall Lighthouse

ebele ebele has been writing (& writing & writing) since mid-2002. It all started with a poetry competition, which later turned out to be a scam, but by then, the desire to write had been firmly planted. A Nigerian-brown East-Londoner who loves hugs, mangoes, dreams, ice cream ...and Body Shop Coconut Body Butter ...and New York.

poetry is a woman


Un-natural blonde from poetry is a woman


I’m really upset.

I’m really, really upset.

I'm really upset

'cos I just found out that


is not a natural blonde.  

This is my story.

This is my truth. 

I saw her coming out of Boots

you know - the one down High Street Kensington? 

Saw her coming out of Boots

clutching a box of Clairol to her chest. 

Was gonna go up to her

ask her if she’d ever tried 

porridge with cinnamon,

chopped banana and raisins 

but then I saw her hair

and it was brown – I tell you – BROWN. 

You see, we as a people

have been lied to 

for so long, too long if you ask me

and I say it’s time to stand up 

time to stand up to the web of lies

they weave so effortlessly.

So, head held high, I walked up to Goldilocks

and gave her a piece of my mind. 

Told her she was nothing but a storybook ho’

a figment of no-one’s imagination 

and I can’t believe it

she just kissed her teeth and kept on walking.

You guys don’t believe me, do you?

Ok. Fine. 

Open a storybook

and look at her roots real close. 

But I’m telling you now

when the truth finally comes out

when the baby poo hits the fan,

just remember



where you heard it first.



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