The Tall Lighthouse
Ronnie McGrath

Ronnie McGrath - a surrealist poet who was awarded first place

for his writing by ACER in 1993 and 1994. Author of the novel

On The Verge Of Losing iT, ankhademia press 2005. His work

has also appeared in IC3 - The Penguin Book of New Black

Writing in Britain.

poems from the tired lips of newspapers OUT OF PRINT


photo - chloe barter


Reminiscing on Hendrix and Freud

from poems from the tired lips of newspapers




as Jimi sparks up his new guitar

the wounded wings of feathered birds

rigormorphasise fantastically. 

He stirs not just my minstrel feet

but activates

much deeper than her throat

can take me whole

a most basic drive to float like dust

in the knife-sharp light of curtains. 




his blue-glass handed pose

inquisitive fingers feast upon the clitoris of her mating

paint on strings where others had failed to dance

with the maidens of their ludicrous thoughts. 

Summoning fire lighters out of wood sticks

Jimi dips me in the ancient syrup

of his incandescent light,

erect nipples on the cherries of their lips

and sends me drifting asexually

down the black-tongued highways of my fecund mind.



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