The Tall Lighthouse


By no means a comprehensive list, these links are a list of organisations, events and individuals who have sparked our interest over the last ten years.


Poetry Organisations

The Poetry Society

a reliable institution, and home to the Poetry Cafe

Poetry Book Society


Now sadly in hibernation as of late 2014, one of the more interesting offshooting from the poetry world: music, poetry, some film making. Their website is still worth a look, even if it is no longer updated.



Smith / Doorstop

Flarestack Poets


Vintage Poison (a TL sister press)

Black Box Fiction (a TL sister press)




obsessed with pipework

the journal

poetry london




Jacob Sam-La Rose's blog. Lots of reviews, thought-pieces and poetry.

Josephine Corcoran's "And Other Poems"

JC writes two excellent blogs, but for some reason wordpress doesn't allow me to link to either. So google her name and you should find both; And Other Poems is specifically about poetry, the second a general blog about being an artist and a mother.


Todd Swift's blog on modern poetry. More opinionated than the average

poet, Eyewear divides opinion. Is it a serious meditation on the state

of the art form or a gigantic narcisstic pop culture project? Check it out and

decide for yourself.

Ben Parker

Ben Parker writes an entertaining review of new poetry, fiction and

biography here. He also has a personal website here, which has

further links to reviews and his poetry.



Bingo Master's Breakout

Kevin Reinhardt's insane night out of bingo, karoake, poetry and anything else that comes into his head. Normally once monthly, currently running out of

the Gunners Pub in Arsenal, North London.

Foyles Young Poet of the Year Award

Worldwide competition for young poets, supported by tall lighthouse. Not to be confused with Foyles the bookshop, which has very little to do with modern poetry at all.

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