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New Work from the Lighthouse

The Misplaced House [Nov 30 2014]

by josephine corcoran

The Misplaced House is the first poetry pamphlet

from Josephine Corcoran. A free-wheeling work

shot through with intelligence, political commitment

and a fine aesthetic sense, Corcoran swoops fearlessly

in and out of the rooms of The Misplaced House and

finds the strange, the beautiful and the unexpected

in even the most prosaic of situations.


Saint-Paul-de-Mausole [Nov 30 2014]

by matt haw

Saint-Paul-de-Mausole is the first poetry pamphlet

from Matt Haw. It explores Haw’s intense
communion with the art of Vincent van Gogh
and the madness that engulfed the painter.
Unsentimental and hallucinatory, Saint-Paul steps
through the looking glass in order to understand
van Gogh’s continued influence in the modern
world, both as artist and myth.


Shooting the Moon [Nov 30 2014]

by chelsea cargill

Shooting the Moon is the first collection from the

Scottish poet, Chelsea Cargill. With wry humour

and a restless imagination, Cargill creates beautiful,

impossible stories that inhabit the old, the new and

the classic with equal ease. Inside Shooting the

Moon, the unexpected is never more than a page

away: Mohawk martyrs, Valentino, trapeze artists,

Captain America and Bela Lugosi are just some

of the characters jostling for space.


Lift [Oct 31 2013]

by harry man

Harry Man's debut pamphlet is a plunge into

the unknown for most readers of poetry - Lift is a heady mix of science fiction and science fact, nostalgia for both the past and the future, all tied together by Man's electric use of language.

Man has been longlisted for the Bridport Prize

and in 2012 he won third prize in the Cardiff

International Poetry Competition. He is a member of

Malika Booker’s Poetry Kitchen, and his work has

appeared in New Welsh Review, Popshot Magazine,

Elbow Room, Fuselit, Love is the Law and Poems in

the Waiting Room among other places.

He works as a Digital Editor in South London.


Pursued by Well-being [Oct 31 2013]

by mark russell

Mark Russell's debut pamphlet is an example par

excellence of the way poetry can help us understand

the strangeness and absurdity of the modern world. Full

of rich humour and sharp, colourful language, it is

engaged with city life and relationships in a way which

very few poets can match.

Russell earned a distinction in his MLitt in Creative

Writing from the University of Glasgow, and finished

a further year under the mentorship of Alexander

Hutchison. His poetry has appeared Gutter; Poetry

Salzburg Review; Cake, and Bliss (Templar Poetry), and

one of his poems was shortlisted for the Bridport

Prize 2012.


The Nail Forge [Oct 31 2013]

by john barron

John Barron was born in East Yorkshire in 1965.

He read English at Birmingham University. He now

lives in Deepcar, Sheffield.

The Nail Forge is his first pamphlet.


Let The West Coast Be Settled [Oct 31 2013]

by alex green

Alex Green is the author of the 33 1/3 book The

Stone Roses (Continuum). Twice nominated for a Pushcart Prize in Poetry, his work has appeared in

The Mid-American Review, Barrow Street, The Canary, The Berkeley Poetry Review, RHINO and the New Ohio Review. He is the founder and editor of the online

music magazine

and currently teaches at St.Mary's College of California. 

Let The West Coast Be Settled is his first UK pamphlet.


the escape artists [published Nov 30 2012]

by ben parker

This is a very fine and sharp first collection in

which lives are at the edge of events, in locations

that are precise yet not quite on the map. There's

something pressing and ominous, some kind of loss

to be accommodated, leaving its evidences, "those

intimate blacks and reds / like crumpled flowers,

lying where they fell" or the wind "raising its voice"

on the phone. The writing is clear, the poems letters

from an unnamed state. (George Szirtes)

Shortlisted for the Michael Marks Award 2013.

First review of the escape artists here [Eyewear]

The Sabotage review of the escape artists is here

and the Poor Rude Lines review is here.


the humane society [published Nov 30 2012]

by jodie hollander

The Humane Society is the excellent debut

pamphlet of the American poet, Jodie Hollander. Romantic, surreal and tender, it paints a family portrait that is a mixture of memoir, ghost story

and artistic obsession, as well as being an elegy

for an older, more mannered, world.



Cocktails from the Ceiling [31 October 2013]

by aoife mannix

The new collection from the acclaimed Irish poet, Aoife Mannix.

Aoife has a consistently fine ear for cadence and

a beautiful turn of metaphor. There is a new emotional

urgency to the poems in turn the clocks upside down – 

of personal and global history, of jazz and fashion, of

journeys and religion, nature and fear. (Luke Kennard)



There is violence in these vapours by Graham Buchan there is violence in these vapours

by graham buchan
new & selected poems
Graham Buchan's first full-length collection proves that he is a master of 'viral poetry' - words that infect the reader with their anger, cynicism and intelligence.
(Agnes Meadows)

£7 - ISBN 978 1 904551 31 7


A kind of slow motion a kind of slow motion
by janice fixter
her poems, and her vivid poetic flights,
segue between reality and fantasy, between
the tangible and the insubstantial
(Anne-Marie Fyfe)

£7.00 - ISBN 978 1 904551 30 0


Ghost on the Road by John Clarke ghost on the road
by john clarke
new & selected poems

This is John's first full collection following the success of Travelling Without Arriving (2001) and Jazz & other religions (2002), both also published by tall-lighthouse.
£7.00 ISBN 1 904551 23 8



black fen by alex brockhurst

This debut pamphlet contains poetry at its most effective,

where economy of language is all, and nothing is wasted

in these emotive, brief, yet sometimes stunning poems.

Alex may be new to the general poetry scene but her

arrival confirms a strong new voice to be reckoned with.

Black Fen is full of words that move so fast they break

through into the physical world, becoming visible

moments in our mind’s eye.                 Hugo Williams

£5 ISBN 978 1 904551 62 1



shiver by alan buckley

Shiver is a debut to savour from a poet already widely published

and admired for his live performances. In this pamphlet, Alan Buckley

presents twenty poems that reflect his strong engagement with the

lyric tradition in contemporary poetry, and make an exciting and

distinctive contribution to it.

Alan Buckley's writing is alive with the need to understand.

These poems are like X-rays which see through the surfaces

of things and ‘guess their way around the unthinkable dark’.

                                                                              Jean Sprackland

£5 ISBN 978 1 904551 61 4


instead of stars by amy key

the thirteenth in the pilot series

In this first selection of her work, Amy Key aims to entice

the reader with her narratives of conjured liaisons and

romantic adventures. These poems have a splendiferous

sheen and voluptuousness reminiscent of those recent

American poets who have been labelled 'gurlesque'.

Below the surface there is well-craftedness and a willingness

to oblige an amount of strangeness to enliven the language.

This is an original and auspicious debut

£4 ISBN 978 1 904551 68 3


the storm berm by andy brown

a berm is a man-made ridge of earth above a ditch,

built as fortification against flood waters. In this new

sequence of poems, notable for their formal variety,

lyric intensity, and their attention to natural detail,

the sea acts as metaphor,making poetry itself into

the berm - both a high ground from which to

launch the imagination, and a protective home.

£4 ISBN 978 1 904551 37 9


at home or nowhere by vidyan ravinthiran

the tenth in the pilot series

This first collection introduces a vivid and

multi-textured style to British poetry. Central to the

pamphlet is a sequence about a young man's frenetic

transatlantic relationship with a much older woman.

Strong themes thread through the book – sexual

intimacy, politics,race, technology and the individual's

position in a landscape, whether that might be one of

freedom or restriction.

£4 ISBN 978 1 904551 52 2


the ornamental world by retta bowen

the eighth in the pilot series

Retta Bowen is a lyric poet whose work springs from

the awkward creaks and chasms of the romantic and the

quotidian. She takes on the difficult task of pinning down

complex characters in these taut, careful poems: lovers,

adventurers, relatives, poets. Her work, and her abilities

as a reader, have already been gaining notice and awards

and this first publication will further her standing

in the poetry world.

£4   ISBN 987 1 904551 44 7


the lives of ghosts by john mccullough

the seventh in the pilot series

Ghosts melt through these pieces, as one man is

added to his ex-lover's collection of wraiths, and

another watches the falling evening turn boys

loitering at the estate edge into noble spectres.

£4  ISBN 978 1 904551 43 0


your sign is cuckoo, girl by jay bernard

the fifth in the pilot series

One of our most promising young talents,

Jay Bernard writes powerful and sensuous

scenes from the metropolis: a teenager flies

like a moth, a woman with scissors sings bees.

Disturbing, joyous and always surprising.            

(Pascale Petit) 

£4 ISBN 1 904551 41 6


this man's town by miriam gamble

the sixth in the pilot series

the poems in This Man's Town explore, dissect,

muse on, re-imagine and punctuate the

disparities of life as we know it.                                                                    

(Sinéad Morrissey)

£4 ISBN 978 1 904551 42 3


another pretty colour, another break for air

by camellia stafford

the third in the pilot series

tender, sensuous and perfectly poised,

another pretty colour, another break for air

announces the arrival of a compelling new poet.

(Kathryn Gray)

£4  ISBN 978 1 904551 36 2


Humbug by Abi Curtis

humbug by abi curtis
the first in the pilot series
abi curtis renews the everyday in moving

and suprising ways.

(Andy Brown)

£4 ISBN 978 1 904551 32 4

Queen of the cotton cities by Adam O'Riordan

queen of the cotton cities by
adam o'riordan
the second in the pilot series
o'riordan's poetry pays full attention to the intricate patterns and coincidences of the world, and so makes us see it anew
(Clare Pollard)

£4   ISBN 978 1 904551 33 1

GENERAL ORDERING INFORMATION - our order system is on hold for the transition of the business back to Les Robinson

Any enquiries please email



a certain chinese encyclopedia by sarah howe

the fourteenth in the pilot series

Sarah Howe's debut offers great range - a series

of poetic endeavours which nourish and reward.

Some of the work here reflects her dual heritage

- in one longer piece, she describes travelling to

China and Hong Kong - where she spent her childhood -

to trace her mother's roots. She also offers imagistic shorter poems and edgier forays into more experimental terrain.She is a poet of place: from the limited landscapes of bed to the grand vistas of exploration.




above zanzibar by abdul jamal
these poems pulse with sensuous, luscious imagery. abdul jamal's voice is clear and resonant, exploring the complexities of conflict, loss and longing.
(Catherine Smith)
£3.00 - ISBN 1-904551-27-0


i dare you by cathy ryan
passion and honesty shines through these razor sharp poems. Like standing in the eye of a hurricane, there is a powerful stillness as well as an electric charge to her imagery. The poems cannot fail to strike a chord with anyone who has ever fallen in love. A voice to listen for
(Aoife Mannix)
£2.50 - ISBN 1-904551-25-4

what it means to fall by kim lasky
what is so very exciting about kim lasky's poetry is the way it integrates so many perspectives and so many different kinds of language. What it means to fall eloquently demonstrates that poetry has the power to tackle the complexity of the postmodern world. This is contemporary poetry with a fine cutting edge
(Peter Abbs)
£2.50 - ISBN 1-904551-26-2

a world of sudden claws by pierre ringwald
Poetry Book Society Pamphlet Choice Spring 2006
an exciting pamphlet from a fine Canadian poet & a regular

on the London poetry scene
ISBN 1 904551 20 3

cameo poly by ken champion
poetry with the genuine feel of inevitability

(Alan Dent, Penniless Press)
ISBN 1-904551-12-2

jazz & other religions by john clarke
ISBN 1-904551-01-7

poems from the tired lips of newspapers by ronnie mcgrath
refreshing, surreal, reminiscent of Bukowski at his best
ISBN 1-904551-03-3

the self in a photograph by lisa dart
a deeply enjoyable collection of 12 poems by an extremely fine poet

ISBN 1-904551-18-1

poetry is a woman by ebele
observational, earthy and surreal - poems that make you laugh, cry and sigh

at life's unavoidable foibles

ISBN 1-904551-14-9

private view by angela williams
ISBN 1 904551 04 1

the shadow dancer by baden prince
honest, sensual, astute; containing an emotional awareness of our world and those that inhabit it
ISBN 1-904551-15-7

she never talks of strangers by heather taylor
ISBN 1-904551-07-6

south east of eden by simon stafford
ISBN 0-9529884-5-3

the trick of foreign words by aoife mannix
ISBN 0-9529884-7-X

walking the hawk by janice fixter

ISBN 904551 16 5

Horizon and Back by Heather Taylor

horizon & back
by heather taylor
new poetry
Stimulating and fresh in tone and subject matter (Catherine Smith)

A tantalizing chocolate box of reflective, poignant and heartfelt imagery. This is not just for poets, its for anyone who enjoys reading about life's little moments (Fiona C Kimberley)
£7.00 - ISBN 1 9054551 17 3


whichever music by kate potts the ninth in the pilot series

These startling poems blend atmosphere and memories,

the fractured or unsure sort. Kate Potts often uses short

sentences and clipped clauses and the poems come at you,

slowly forming, jigsaw-like. Many of the poems are

solo pieces for a single character, or one whose sole company

is a ghost or a future self, watching the re-run. This is an unsettling

and impressive debut.

ISBN 987 1 904551 51 5


The Elephant in the Corner by Aoife Mannix

the elephant in the corner
by aoife mannix
new & selected poems
A collection about pain, physical & emotional, written with unflinching honesty by a poet who employs understatement cleverly, and leaves the reader

hungry but never disappointed.

(Catherine Smith)
£7.00 - ISBN 1 904551 13 0

those who jump by emma mcgordon

Emma McGordon writes a stark affecting poetry.

There is something here of what Brian Patten

called ‘the hard lyric’. those who jump registers the

displacement of innocence by experience

with genuine rhythmic urgency.

£5 ISBN 978 1 904551 46 1



parade the fib by rhian edwards

The unique voice lies in the music of the language, a

distinctly un-English sound, often in a minor key, elegiac,

but with unexpected leaps of the imagination.  Against a

Celtic bass-line, she sets her own modern turn of

phrase and sense of humour.

£3 ISBN 978 1 904551 47 8


growing up an alien by aoife mannix

acting as both an accompaniment to her

new show and an exciting new collection

of poetry in itself, these delicate memoirs

chart a rootless adolesence in the lyrical style

that has earnt Aoife so much acclaim.

£5 ISBN 978 1 904551 39 3


the sparks by ben wilkinson

the eleventh in the pilot series

This is poetry responsive to the elemental layers that

underscore the material sheen of our early twenty-first

century. It is the work of a poet steeped in the masters,

but not cowed by them.

ISBN 978-1-904551-56-0


near death (domestic) by maggie sullivan

Maggie Sullivan’s poems stop to pay due

attention to those tiny, telling truths that stick

in the mind among the wreckage of everyday

living – her ability to fuse everyday physical

details with powerful emotions is one of her

great strengths.  (Peter Carpenter)

£5 ISBN 978 1 904551 34 8


weekend millionaires by gareth jones

the fourth in the pilot series

observed with unflinching clarity and

dark humour, Gareth Jones offers us

a world of morning-afters, streakers

at rugby matches and stubborn phantoms.

(Catherine Smith)

ISBN 978 1 904551 35 5


turn the clocks upside down

by aoife mannix

Aoife has a consistently fine ear for cadence and

a beautiful turn of metaphor. There is a new emotional

urgency to the poems in turn the clocks upside down – 

of personal and global history, of jazz and fashion, of

journeys and religion, nature and fear. (Luke Kennard)

£8.00 - ISBN 978 1 904551 55 3


but black & white is better

by ken champion

Ken writes with remarkable clarity. His poems acheive

thememorable resolution of a Robert Doisneau photograph

& his subjects are unusual & arresting. (Alan Dent)

£8 ISBN 978 1 904551 53 9


stingray fevers by emily berry

the twelth in the pilot series

Emily's poems have appeared in various magazines

including Poetry Review, The Rialto, Ambit, Magma and

Poetry Review, and she was an Eric Gregory Award winner in 2008.

£4 ISBN 978-1-904551-57-7


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