The Tall Lighthouse poetry


We are happy to consider poetry and book proposals submitted in hard copy form or in electronic form. Our contact details can be found here and our preference is electronic submission. Writers should familiarise themselves with the tall-lighthouse list and then, in the first instance, send ten pages of work.

We favour poetry that is vivid, thoughtful and imaginative. We have no restriction on theme. We publish both full collections and pamphlets.

If you choose to submit by post, please also enclose a stamped and self-addressed return envelope.

We commonly respond a few weeks after the end of each submission period.

The window for submissions is currently closed and is not expected to open until 2017 again.

We try to offer a limited critique of rejected work where possible. Generally speaking, we do not pay much attention to publication history and concentrate on the quality of the work; we are however interested in your knowledge of our list and why you feel tall lighthouse might be a good fit for your work. This helps us to work out whether your contact is simply a "blind submission" or whether you have any genuine interest in the press.

One last thing - don't be demoralized if you receive a rejection from us, or from any poetry imprint. As you probably aware, there are very few small poetry presses left in the UK and the larger ones have become closed shops, unless you have a long publication history or are remarkably well connected. This means that small press editors tend to publish work that is absolutely in line with what they regard as excellent poetry. That's why we recommend you read some of our books or lend them from someone before you submit - it will help you to understand our own particular (and peculiar) tastes and why you may, or may not, be accepted.

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