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welcome to Sadie McCarney

a tremendous young Canadian poet who we’ve been following for some years and is now published by tall-lighthouse!

McCarney’s poems are led by voice and I am glad to follow  Lily Blacksell

her collection Live Ones is available to pre-order via our books page. You can also hear her read the amazing sequence Steeltown Songs, featured in the collection, on her poets page.

in April 2019 we published Brendan Cleary’s Do Horses Fly? a sequence of poems on the photographer Eadweard Muybridge. The collection was launched in Brighton on Monday 29 April.

in Dublin on 21 February 2019 we published the debut collection Where, the Mile End from the terrific new poet Julie Morrissy

(see the poet’s pages for more details)

we are not currently seeking submissions for new work