In collaboration with our colleagues in Prague, Czech editions of the pamphlets Deconstructions [dekonstrukce] and Reconstructions [rekonstrukce] by Joshua Calladine-Jones are available to purchase direct from t.l.prague



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Deconstructions - tall lighthouse

deconstructions [dekonstrukce]

marking the culmination of Joshua Calladine-Jones’ acclaimed sequence this engaging, informative new collection is presented in two distinct parts
– the first captures the fractured syntax of the overheard and the everyday, the second a fascinating lyrical vision

from problem

Old people, war, tulips. In the evening, in my car,
my windshield: this winter is fire.


When I read Deconstructions, I imagined a small human disappearing by the second, keeping itself alive; trying to restore itself, maybe even just trying to breathe beyond the mechanics of its existence. At times, the small human regains their memory of their childhood, or even just yesterday, communicating through uncertain and perplexing fragments, in which a great survival for a disappearing human being is felt. 

Lucy Wilkinson


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In Reconstructions voices from the everyday speak through a second-hand language and are confronted with their own lives. In the second section of the pamphlet Restorations the poet explores a borderline confessional form that expands towards a collective experience during times of global uncertainty.

In these poems and reconstructed lyrics we witness a stunning endeavour to restore life beyond its mechanics.   Zein Sa’dedin

Joshua Calladine-Jones, originally from Greater Manchester is now resident in Prague. He is the literary-critic-in-residence for Prague Writers’ Festival, and his work has appeared in a number of journals, including Freedom, The Stinging Fly, 3:AM, The Gravity of The Thing and Literární.cz. It has also been translated to Czech.

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Now available to order from our London offices an exclusive,  ‘retro’ pamphlet, commemorating our reading in Prague, September 2022 with poetry from Joshua Calladine-Jones, Mark Wynne & Sonya Smith’s recent publications with the original poems accompanied by Czech translations.


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tall-lighthouse reading in Prague
Michael Sito (Globe Bookstore) with Les, Mark, Joshua, Sonya & Michael March (photo:fabriziacosta.com)

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