Joshua Calladine-Jones was born in Greater Manchester, England. He is the literary-critic-in-residence for Prague Writers’ Festival, and his work has appeared in a number of journals, including Freedom, The Stinging Fly, 3:AM, The Gravity of The Thing and Literární.cz. It has also been translated to Czech.

Constructions [Konstrukce] Joshua’s debut pamphlet is an exciting and entertaining sequence of poetry that challenges our ways of communicating, spoken and written. In three distinct poetic movements, the question of certainty in our daily language is opened up.

We’re pleased to be working with Josh on a second pamphlet Reconstructions which completes the project started in Constructions. Publication due in the summer.




Constructions [Konstrukce] – Joshua Calladine-Jones

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Discarding the dirty undergarments of English,
Joshua Calladine-Jones offers a new taste:
“Continuous like stars falling, flies in a glass of
milk.” A slippery diving board for the undercurrents
of language in a New Stone Age.

                                                                                    Michael March

The poems in this sometimes surreal and experimental pamphlet were influenced by the conditions of the pandemic, with its renewed focus on video-conferencing and other forms of digital technology. Konstrukce is a Czech word, meaning construction and the poetry is assembled from fragments, sentences noted down during online conversations with speakers who use English as a second-hand language, replete with faults, slips, and narratives both intentional and accidental. There are distortions, too, in the sequences, where the poet uses a technique of retranslation to revise literary form, using his own poetic discipline to create a justly memorable pamphlet.