last poems? is a moving, elegaic pamphlet from Brendan whose poetry is as fresh and vigorous as ever. The precise imagery creates a deeply emotional sequence of poems; a poet in reflective mood but a poet writing at the top of his game.

This is Cleary at his beautiful, deceptive best …    Matthew Caley

Each poem is like a small dance, full of ‘high magic’, and an absolute delight to read.   Michael Blackburn

‘last poems?’ is a perfectly distilled collection   Helen Mort

Brendan Cleary


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last poems?

plastic cups, drizzle, cement mixers, a Siamese cat – in Brendan Cleary’s latest suite of poems, it’s not so much ‘no ideas but in things’ but ‘no shred of hope or possibility or retrieval without things’, and given our current dismal times, we need to see, hear and feel this. With clear simplicity [and much hidden craft] he can seem to celebrate the ordinary, and does, yet the spaces between the words also make us know, in our breastbones, exactly what all these things are a stay against.   Matthew Caley

These poems demonstrate that Brendan Cleary’s talent is as fresh and vigorous as ever. The selection of images is deft, the phrasing sure-footed, the emotional charge enhanced by the economy of the language. Each poem is like a small dance, full of ‘high magic’, and an absolute delight to read.  Michael Blackburn

Reading Brendan Cleary is always a breath of fresh air. I know his poems will make my heart ache, make me laugh, make me think and – above all – make me want to write. last poems? is a perfectly distilled collection. Cleary’s work remains unforgettable.  Helen Mort


listen to brendan reading the full suite of last poems?

by Brendan Cleary

ISBN 978-1-904551-87-4 £10 plus £1 p&p

Do Horses Fly?

We are pleased to publish Brendan’s latest collection Do Horses Fly? a compelling sequence of poems inspired by the images created by the photographer Eadweard Muybridge and his life and times. The poems are accompanied  by Muybridge’s iconic photographic images.

The book was launched in Brighton & in London in 2019.

Copies can now be purchased which will be despatched within 48 hours of receipt of order.

Originally from Northern Ireland, Brendan spent a number of years in the North East before moving to Brighton where he lives & works as a poetry tutor.

Brendan Cleary is a master of concision, letting the unsaid speak properly.     Helen Mort


Listen to Brendan’s street conversation about his inspiration for the collection.

Hear Brendan read Pennsylvania Back Then from the collection

£12 free postage  ISBN 978 1 904551 79 9

Goin’Down Slow

we were pleased to have been able to reprint Brendan’s selected poems going down slow which brought together Brendan’s poetry published over 25 years. His previous collections include The Irish Card and Sacrilege (Bloodaxe) Stranger in the House (Wrecking Ball Press) and weightless & some turbulent weather (tall-lighthouse).

Some of us stay home & write tame poems about wild things, Brendan Cleary gets out there & captures wild ones & brings them home alive.     Hugo Williams

Brendan Cleary’s poetry creates a modern blues.    Roddy Lumsden

Just read them for yourself and listen.    Martin Mooney

Brendan Cleary might be goin’ down slow but he’s certainly making the most of the descent…    Poetry Book Society